A gentle journey into colour and perception

I Love Hue - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Prisms?

Prisms are the currency you use to open levels in I Love Hue. You spend three Prisms to open a level you haven’t yet played, or one Prism to open a level you’ve played before. Each player starts with 60 Prisms when the download I Love Hue for the first time. You’ll also receive a ‘Daily Gift’ of 15 Prisms every day you play the game.

If you run out of Prisms there are a number of ways to get more - for instance, you can watch an ad for 15 Prisms. Prisms are also available for purchase. Please note that any purchase of a Prism pack will remove the ads in between levels.To add Prisms by watching an ad or purchasing a Prism pack, click on the plus sign next to you Prism counter located on the top centre of your level select screen.

2. I’ve bought a new smartphone or tablet. How do I transfer my progress to another device?

2.1 Android devices

Progress on Android devices is not automatically synced to the cloud. To save your progress, you will need to sign into Google Play Games Services (GPGS). You can sign in via Settings menu within the I Love Hue App - the sliders icon in the top right corner of the level select screen. To transfer your progress to a new device you will need to:

  1. Sign into GPGS on your old Android device, located in the Settings menu within the I Love Hue App
  2. Install I Love Hue on your new phone and play through the first level.
  3. Open Settings on your new device and sign into GPGS. Your app will now update to reflect your progress from your previous device. If your progress hasn’t been updated, start a new level on your old device - this should force GPGS to sync your progress.

This is also the case if you mistakenly delete the app on your Android device and need to reinstall for any reason.

Please note that if you do not log into GPGS your progress will not be saved, even if you reinstall the app on the same device.

2.2 iOS devices

As long as you are signed in on your device with an Apple ID, then your progress will be synced to the cloud. When you sign in on your new iOS device and install the app, your progress will be automatically recovered. This is also the case if you mistakenly delete the app on your iOS device or need to reinstall the app for any reason.

2.3 Android to iOS device (or vice versa)

Unfortunately we use separate remote services for each operating system which means progress cannot be transferred across platforms.

3. Is it possible to play on two devices (i.e smartphone and tablet) using the same operating system?

Yes, this is possible. Simply use the same instructions listed above. Please note that this will sync your overall progress (hearts, Prisms etc.) but progress on individual levels will not be synced.

4. I’m using an Android device and the app crashes, hangs or displays an error as soon as it launches. Help!

This might be due to changes with Google Play Games. Please make sure you’ve got the latest version of Google Play Games. If the problem persists you can try disconnecting the app from Google Play and relaunching it. Don’t worry - this wonI’mt effect your saved data!

To disconnect the app, open Android Settings on your device and then tap Google > Connected Apps > I Love Hue > Disconnect.

5. I’m having trouble picking up and dropping the tiles in the right place - they are too small on my screen!

Try tapping a tile to select it - it will pulse slowly. Then tap the tile you want to swap it with. Once a tile is selected, if you decide you don’t want to move it then tap it again, or anywhere outside the game area.

6. I’m stuck on a level - what do I do?

Make sure your screen brightness is turned up all the way. Some people also find it useful to invert the colours on their screen if they are finding the last few tile placements tricky to complete.

Colour invert instructions for Android users

Colour invert instructions for iOS users

7. I’d like to write an article or review of I Love Hue. How can I get more information or arrange an interview?

You can find a press kit for I Love Hue here.

8. I’ve finished all the levels! Are there more coming?

Stay tuned! We have lots of exciting plans for I Love Hue that we think you’ll love. In the meantime follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; or sign up to our e-newsletter

9. I stil have a problem which isn’t addressed here!

Please email us at ilovehuesupport[at]zutgames [dot] com with as much information you can, including which operating system (iOS/Android) you’re using.